While doing field research for Going Native I wrote several pieces of journalism and one short e-book for publication. They include:

Boots on the Ground  without American feet in them, an illustrated e-book about Bill Lairs early career years in Thailand.

A Smithsonian Air & Space magazine feature story on a wartime program to teach Hmong tribesmen to fly combat planes

A Huffington Post series:

1: The Weirdest Terrorism Case in America

2: The C.I.A. Man Returns

3: The C.I.A.'s Tribe in Danger

4: The Underperformers

  1. Peace at Last? 
  2. When “Terrorism” Becomes Farce   This last piece, an exposé of a dirty federal terrorism case against Hmong tribespeople in central California, was also published in The Sacramento Bee, and has been credited with forcing the prosecution to drop all charges against the defendants

Asia Times review of Clint Eastwood’s’‘Gran Torino’